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T3 Arena is a mobile team-based shooter game where players embody various heroes for quick 3-player battles. With short 3–5-minute matches, users strategize with unique outfits to secure the most takedowns within the time limit.
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XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Nov 23, 2023
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Android 5.1+
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About T3 Arena APK:

T3 Arena APK is an action-packed hero shooter game available for mobile devices. Players transform into unique heroes, battling in quick 3–5-minute matches. They collect stylish outfits and face off against opponents in teams of three. Utilizing virtual controls, players move around the map, strategically shooting enemies while aiming for the most takedowns before time runs out. The game offers fast-paced, engaging multiplayer battles in vibrant 3D settings, making it captivating and competitive.


Fast-Paced Gameplay:

Play short, 3–5-minute matches with easily understandable Auto-Fire mechanics for both experienced players and beginners, guaranteeing enjoyable and competitive play.

Diverse Hero Selection:

Select from almost 30 different heroes—from rock stars to extraterrestrial creatures—each with their own special skills and looks, and amass fashionable attire for customized gameplay

Compact Maps and Quick Respawn:

Experience frantic shoot-outs with map designs optimized for swift respawns, encouraging continuous, non-stop action.

Team-based Strategy:

Emphasize strategic thinking and teamwork for victory in various game modes like TDM, Control, Payload Escort, Crystal Assault, and engaging in 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 battles.

Friend Collaboration:

Utilize built-in party systems and voice chats for seamless teaming up with friends, fostering clear communication and reliable connections.

Diverse Game Modes:

Enjoy multiple game modes, including limited-time arcade events, providing endless fun and allowing players to choose their preferred mode for personalized gameplay experiences.

What's new

The latest version of T3 Arena APK includes:

A new tutorial was added for beginners' guidance
Balanced four heroes for fair gameplay
Unlocked second ultimate abilities for eight heroes
Enhanced game experience and resolved bugs


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