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In Rise of Kingdoms, a mobile strategy game, users build cities, command armies, and advance civilizations over time. It's a tempting option for enthusiasts of historical strategy video games because of its different cultures and tactical combat.
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Nov 9, 2023
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Android 5.1+

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About Rise of Kingdom APK:

Rise of Kingdom APK is a strategy game accessible on mobile devices. Players build civilizations, develop cities, and lead armies through historical epochs. They gathered resources, constructed buildings, and formed alliances to expand their territories and conquer others. With various leaders and diverse cultures to choose from, the game offers strategic depth and engaging battles. Rise of Kingdom APK appeals to fans of historical strategy games, providing an immersive experience in building and commanding civilizations.



 Diverse Civilizations:

Experience the choice of 14 distinct historical civilizations, each offering unique architectural styles, specialized units, and strategic advantages. Govern Greece or lead other civilizations with legendary commanders.

 Real-Time Strategy Battles:

Engage in real-time battles happening directly on the map. Join, leave, aid allies, or launch surprise attacks on enemy cities anytime, offering a true RTS experience on mobile.

Seamless World Map:

Explore a single, vast map populated by players and NPCs. Transition effortlessly between global and city views with an “infinite zoom” feature. Encounter natural barriers and strategic passes influencing regional control.

Exploration and Investigation:

Send scouts to unveil the fog-covered world, discover hidden treasures, and investigate temples, caves, and villages. Gather vital intelligence on adversaries for strategic advantages.

 Flexible Troop Movements:

What's new

Rise of Kingdom APK includes the following enhancements in its latest version:

  • Thanksgiving Event Series
  • New "Tides of War" Conquest Season


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