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Mir4 is a mobile MMORPG game with a fantasy setting, enabling players to explore, battle, and complete quests. Its distinctive feature includes using blockchain for in-game asset trading with different character classes offering diverse abilities.
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Dec 11, 2023
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About Mir4 APK:

Mir4 is an expansive mobile game where players immerse themselves in a fantasy world. This MMORPG allows users to explore diverse landscapes, engage in battles, and partake in quests. Its standout feature is integrating blockchain technology for in-game asset trading using cryptocurrencies. With various character classes offering unique abilities, players can choose their preferred gameplay style. Mir4 APK has garnered praise for its graphics and gameplay mechanics, captivating a wide audience.


Here are the key features of Mir4 APK:

Diverse Paths:

Embrace various gameplay choices—whether it’s the pursuit of a serene existence focused on hunting and gathering or engaging in intense battles against other players.

Fluid Martial Arts:

Immerse yourself in the graceful and dynamic combat system that beautifully integrates oriental martial arts with real-time combat animations.

Versatile Growth:

Every action within MIR4 contributes to your character’s growth. From traditional activities like hunting to less explored paths like gathering and mining, each task helps enhance your character’s capabilities and strengths.

Secure Trading:

Mir4 APK employs a sophisticated AI system dedicated to identifying and preventing fraudulent activities, ensuring a secure and trustworthy trading environment

Free Looting:

Engage in a unique Free-for-All looting system, where players have the liberty to claim loot freely. However, exercise caution and awareness as others vie for the same treasures.

Rewarding Adventures:

Throughout your journey in MIR4, you’ll encounter challenges and conquer various quests that reward you generously. Earn Blue Dragon Statues and Tokens of the Ancient Dragon, valuable rewards that can be traded for heroic items.

Epic Clan Battles:

Fight alongside your clan in massive Castle Sieges. Overcome challenges, create heroic stories, and surpass your limits in epic battles.

App Permissions:

Requires access to photo album, camera, and microphone for in-game functionalities. Adjust permissions in settings for a customized experience.

What's new

The latest version of Mir4 APK includes:

The latest Mirage Ship episodes added
Sumacheon & Cold Snowflakes Event introduced
Improved user experience (UX)


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