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In Last Shelter: Survival, players build bases, train troops, and fight zombies and enemies. The requires strategy, teamwork, and resource management to build a base, train troops, and survive in a world filled with challenges and adversaries.
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Long Tech Network Limited
Nov 25,2023
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Android 4.3+

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About Last Shelter Survival APK:

Last Shelter: Survival APK is a mobile strategy game where players rebuild a post-apocalyptic base, assemble an army, and defend enemies and zombies. Users must control resources and expand their hold on power by building, renovating, and establishing alliances. The game has a strong emphasis on teamwork, fighting, and making smart decisions. Regular upgrades guarantee continuous difficulties, resulting in a captivating encounter in a world attempting to survive and thrive amongst destruction.


Base Building:

Players can construct and upgrade various buildings within their base, including resource production facilities, defense structures, barracks, hospitals, and more.

Alliance System:

Players can form or join alliances with other players, enabling cooperation through alliance chat, joint attacks, and defense against enemies.

Strategic Gameplay:

The game involves strategic planning and decision-making, including troop deployment, resource management, and tactical combat.

Heroes and Units:

Players can recruit and upgrade heroes with unique abilities to lead their armies. There’s a wide array of units with different strengths and weaknesses, allowing for diverse strategies in battles.

Events and Challenges:

Last Shelter: Survival APK regularly features events, challenges, and missions that offer rewards and encourage active participation.

PvP and PvE Combat:

Last Shelter: Survival APK offers both Player vs. Player (PvP) and Player vs. Environment (PvE) combat scenarios, including fighting against zombies and other players’ bases.

Research and Development:

Players can research to unlock new technologies, improve troop capabilities, and enhance base defenses.

Real-time Strategy:

The game operates in real-time, with ongoing battles, resource production, and interactions with other players around the world.

What's new

The Last Shelter: Survival APK includes the following improvements:

  • Quick collect for mech component manufacturing
  • Mail alerts for multiple conquests
  • Enhanced hero filter in formation settings

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