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Infinite Flight is a top-rated mobile flight simulator that brings realistic aviation. With a variety of aircraft and multiplayer capabilities, it caters to both solo pilots and enthusiasts seeking an immersive and dynamic flying environment.
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Oct 30,2023
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Android 9.0+

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About Infinite Flight APK:

Infinite Flight is a flight simulation app that offers an authentic flying experience on mobile devices. It provides a range of aircraft and realistic physics, allowing users to navigate global scenery and diverse weather conditions. With features like multiplayer mode and air traffic control communication, the app caters to aviation enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive and engaging flight simulation. Whether flying solo or engaging in multiplayer sessions, Infinite Flight APK delivers a user-friendly and immersive experience for virtual pilots.


Here are some unique features of Infinite Flight APK:

Diverse Aircraft Fleet:

Explore dozens of aircraft, including airliners, general aviation, and military planes. Unlock all with an Infinite Flight Pro subscription.


High-Definition Regions:

Multiple regions with accurate satellite imagery, topography, and major airports featuring precise runway and taxiway layouts.


Expanding 3D Airports:

Infinite Flight APK allows users to experience a growing list of 3D airports worldwide, enhancing realism and visual immersion.


Real-World Navigation Data:

Utilize real-world navigation data by NavBlue, including airspaces, NAVAIDs, SIDs, STARs, and approaches.


Dynamic Time and Weather:

Customize the time of day and weather conditions in real time or set your preferred custom atmosphere.

Realistic Atmospherics:

Enjoy realistic environmental elements such as the sun, moon, stars, clouds, and low-level fog for an immersive flight experience.


Comprehensive Flight Features:

It benefits from autopilot functionality, easy-to-use flight planning, engine startup/shutdown, ILS, weight and balance configuration, and an advanced replay system.

What's new

Infinite Flight APK provides the following improvements in its latest version:

  • Leaderboards Added
  • 14 New Liveries
  • 300+ 3D Airports
  • Enhanced App Stability
  • Improved Multiplayer Connectivity
  • Updated News Page

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