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Fishing Planet is a realistic fishing simulation game with a variety of habitats and over 100 fish to capture. In an extremely realistic virtual environment with realistic fish behavior, dynamic weather, and water visuals, players may learn numerous fishing tactics, giving a complete fishing adventure for all skill levels.
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Fishing Planet LLC
Sep 26, 2023
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Android 5.0+
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About Fishing Planet APK:

Fishing Planet APK is a well-known simulation app that immerses professionals as well as beginners in the relaxing world of virtual fishing. This free-to-play app encourages users to go on fishing trips in various stunning, real-life settings. Fishing Planet delivers a realistic and engaging experience for fishing lovers on multiple gaming platforms, whether they are looking for the excitement of transporting a prize catch or simply enjoying the peace of calm fishing settings.


  • Fish Diversity:

Fishing Planet APK has over 100 fish species, each with its own distinct behavior and AI, allowing for a genuine and varied fishing experience.

  • Extensive Tackling:

Fishing Planet has hundreds of tackle combinations, each having its own physical and dynamic qualities, allowing users to customize their fishing equipment.

  • Scenic Locations:

The game offers 17 amazing waterways with a range of climates, bottom terrains, and vegetation, enabling players to search for and fish in a variety of situations.

  • Water Universe:

Fishing Planet APK has excellent adaptive water visuals, with waves and variations in the surface that adapt to wind, current, and depth, boosting the lifelike feel of the fishing adventure.

  • Dynamic Weather:

Players may fish in a variety of weather conditions, including day/night cycles, seasonal variations, and elements such as rain, fog, and intense sunlight, which adds an added degree of difficulty to the game.

  • Multiplayer Competition:

Fishing Planet allows users to compete and work with others in the fishing community through online competitions, individual as well as team scores, a rewards system, rankings, and top-player rankings.

  • Boat Selection:

The game includes kayaks as well as three other types of motorboats (metal boats, rubber boats, and bass boats), each with its own speed, longevity, and capabilities for traveling the seas.

What's new

Fishing Planet APK includes the following improvements in the latest update:

  • Enhanced fishing mechanic and updated animations
  • “Clubs” introduced as new features
  • Expansion of friend list capacity from 200 to 1000
  • Increased Buoy Limit from 1500 to 1700
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements


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