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Dr. Mario World, a lively mobile game, lets you match colors to defeat viruses with Mario characters. Enjoy tackling puzzles solo or competing online with friends for added fun.
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July 1, 2021
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About Dr. Mario World APK:

Dr. Mario World APK is a mobile game, where players solve puzzles by matching colored capsules to eliminate viruses. Based on the Mario series, it offers various characters with unique abilities for clearing levels. The game includes both single-player challenges and online multiplayer modes. Players progress through increasingly difficult stages and can make in-app purchases for extra help. Dr. Mario World employs a stamina system limiting consecutive play sessions.


Here are some key features of Dr. Mario World APK:

Strategic Puzzle Gameplay:

Take your time to plan and strategize your moves to efficiently clear viruses from Dr. Mario’s world. Each level requires thoughtful consideration and a strategic approach.

Capsule Matching Mechanics:

Tap, rotate, and position colored capsules (red, blue, and yellow) to align three of the same color either vertically or horizontally.

Diverse and Challenging Stages:

With over 600 stages spread across various themed worlds, Dr. Mario World offers a wealth of challenging levels. Each stage introduces new obstacles and complexities to overcome.

Varied Obstacles:

Encounter diverse obstacles such as unbreakable blocks, color-coded cages, and floating bubbles that add layers of complexity. Each obstacle demands unique strategies to conquer.

Regular Content Updates:

Expect new challenges regularly, as the game introduces fresh stages every two weeks, ensuring a continuous stream of engaging content for players.

Iconic Mario Characters:

Join Mario and over 30 of his friends, each donning lab coats and armed with capsules, ready to combat the troublesome viruses. Each character boasts unique abilities to aid in the fight.

What's new

The latest version of Dr. Mario World APK includes:

New levels and challenges added
Improved game mechanics for enjoyment
Purchase options for items removed
Additional characters and features included

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