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Block Heads is an engaging block puzzle game featuring Tetris-style challenges and intense PvP battles. On the other hand, The Blockheads offers a 2D survival adventure reminiscent of Minecraft, requiring resource gathering and shelter construction for survival.
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Dec 13, 2023
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About Block Head APK:

Block Head APK is a captivating game that offers a fresh take on block puzzles, merging Tetris-style blocks with strategic Sudoku-like challenges. Engage in quick PvP battles, strategize with Tetris blocks, and use boosters like meteorites to conquer opponents. Earn trophies, unlock advanced arenas, and showcase logical prowess. It’s a blend of logic, strategy, and thrilling duels. Meanwhile, The Block head APK presents a 2D survival adventure akin to Minecraft, tasking players with resource gathering, crafting, and shelter-building for nightfall survival in a continuous forward-moving world.


Survival-Based Gameplay:

Like Minecraft, immerse yourself in a survival adventure, constantly moving forward in a 2D world.

Resourceful Start:

Begin with basic tools—shovel, pickaxe, sticks—and swiftly construct shelters using nature’s offerings for survival.

Linear Exploration:

Progress along a single path, compelling quick decisions to either find necessary resources or adapt to what’s available.

Simple Interactions:

Tap on blocks to automatically gather resources, and craft items, and ensure survival against night-time dangers.

Progressive Achievements:

Unlock achievements to ease survival challenges and engage in familiar Minecraft activities reimagined in a new 2D format.

Elegant 2D Graphics:

Enjoy a visually appealing 2D world, enhancing the gaming experience.

User-Friendly Controls:

Intuitive controls facilitate easy navigation and interaction within the game environment.

What's new

Block Head APK provides a few new improvements in its latest update including:

  • Two exciting new special blocks added
  • Plus, a thrilling new booster was introduced
  • Bugs fixed for a smoother gameplay experience


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