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Assoluto Racing APK is a realistic mobile racing game where you can customize and race various cars from top manufacturers. With intuitive controls and 3D graphics, compete online to showcase your driving skills on tracks worldwide.
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Oct 19, 2023
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Android 9+

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About Assoluto Racing APK:

Assoluto Racing APK is a lifelike mobile racing game, that places you in control of diverse vehicles. Its 3D graphics, reminiscent of Asphalt, provide an immersive racing experience. You have the option to enhance your vehicle for greater speed and power, unlocking cars from renowned manufacturers such as Mercedes and BMW. The controls are user-friendly, utilizing your smartphone’s gyroscope. Engage in online races on global tracks to demonstrate you’re driving prowess and compete against other players.


  • Realistic Racing:

Experience realistic racing and feel the thrill of the real world. The realistic weather and engine noises improve the immersion experience.

  • Car Customization:

Upgrade vehicle components for peak performance to give your one-of-a-kind racing experience more strategic depth.

  • Diverse Cars:

Discover a variety of models from leading manufacturers, each with unique features for thrilling and varied racing experiences.

  • Intuitive Controls:

Gyroscope steering and on-screen pedals enable effortless navigation, making it easy for gamers of all ability levels.

  • Online Racing:

Play competitive, fast-paced multiplayer races in real time against players worldwide for an exciting gaming experience.

  • High-Quality Graphics:

Savor breathtaking 3D graphics that enhance the game’s beauty with well-designed vehicles and intricate courses.

  • Extended Video Calls:

Assoluto Racing APK offers unlimited 24-hour video calls, you can stay in touch and have flexible, easy-to-use communication with friends and teams.

  • Built-in Team Messaging:

Encourage efficient team communication with integrated team messaging to guarantee cohesive and cooperative game experiences.

What's new

Assoluto Racing APK introduces the following additions in its new update:

  • Discover downhill tracks: Touge, Aoyama Touge!
  • New cars: BMW M6, M8, Porsche 911 RSR.
  • Exclusive reward: Win a Body Kit Car.
  • Car storage option for excess.
  • Veteran difficulty for added challenge.
  • UI customization for a personalized experience.

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