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Alice Fiction is a mobile Puzzle RPG game set in the ALICE Metaverse. Players solve puzzles and engage in strategic battles to uncover the mysteries of the virtual world and its lost memories.
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Sep 25,2023
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About Alice Fiction APK:

Alice Fiction APK is a smartphone game, a Puzzle RPG set in the Metaverse called ALICE. In the game, you play as a character who loses their memories upon entering the virtual world. Your quest is to uncover the truth about the world and the mysterious “Lost Avatars.” The gameplay involves fast-paced puzzle battles where you break panels to defeat enemies. The game offers a compelling story with voice-acted dialogues and decision-making that affects character outcomes. It’s an engaging RPG experience with strategic battles in a unique virtual universe.


Diverse Characters:

Alice Fiction APK boasts a rich roster of characters, each with their own unique traits, abilities, and backstories. From brave heroes to enigmatic villains, you’ll find a fascinating variety of personalities to engage with.

Authentic Japanese Voices:

Immerse yourself in the metaverse with the authenticity of original Japanese voice acting. This feature adds depth and character to the in-game dialogues, making the virtual world come alive.

Electrifying EDM Soundtrack:

The game offers an electrifying experience with its EDM (Electronic Dance Music) soundtrack. Dynamic music enhances the gaming experience, setting the tone for intense battles and immersive exploration.

Competitive Versus Mode:

Challenge your friends or other players in versus mode, where you can engage in thrilling head-to-head battles. Compete for supremacy and strive to claim the crown as the top player in exciting PvP matches.

Character Upgrades:

Every character in Alice Fiction can be upgraded to their highest rarity level. This progression system allows you to strengthen your characters, unlock new abilities, and customize your team for more powerful gameplay.

Global Illustrator Collaborations:

Alice Fiction APK features collaborations with talented illustrators from all over the world. You can expect a diverse and visually captivating experience as various artistic styles and influences come together in the game’s design.

Gacha Rewards:

New players are greeted with a special 3-star gacha that can be redrawn. This gacha system provides a chance to obtain powerful characters and items to kickstart your adventure.


What's new

The latest version of Alice Fiction APK includes:

  • Fixed team hunts damage check
  • Resolved cheers sending issue


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